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This is kinda a loaded and rambling question but...

I plan to take my car to the strip towards end of the summer and see if I can do anything on street tires. I am making around 650whp and 500wtq. It will probably be no prep.

What are the chances I will break something in my stock drive train launching with ebrake preload (5500rpm and the OEM rev limiter / launch control) at this power level? I expect it will spin a lot, I haven't really tried it on the street besides last year at a much lower power and it just spin through 1st and I got scared and didn't try again. It bogged 2nd pretty hard, I figured if I try to bounce off rev limiter and get my wheel speed up that should help. Pretty new to drag racing. Don't want to upgrade the rear diff yet if I can help it since it's not a dedicated drag car.

Not looking to do any crazy time just want to see what it will trap and see if I can get a low 11 on street tires. I'd love to run a slick or a radial but with stock drive train I don't think that's a good idea. Seeing if anyone else had any experience with a similar setup. I ran a 12.7 last year at 123mph (~550whp) with no launch, just rolling into it. Got like a 2.4 60'. I am also going to do the rear diff bushing upgrade and the drive shaft bushing upgrade before hand, I heard that helps. I already have the torque solution motor/trans mounts.
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