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Dragonslayer: Renault rolls out the Twingo Extreme

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The Twingo still won't take you to mythical Silene, but the UK gets its own specially pimped version of the entry-level Twingo called the "Extreme." Think of it as a Tercel Blackhawk en français, s'il vous plaît. The Twingo Extreme consists of mostly graphics for the exterior, though there's a few extra bits of gear thrown in, too.

Power is provided by a 1.2-liter engine, and Renault throws in specially trimmed wheels, a tachometer, and foglights. Soccer Football fans will undoubtedly choose the flag of St. George graphics for the exterior, and there's also Union Jacks for the door handles and stripes or checkered flags can adorn the outside, too, all for a modest price. MINI has already shown that customization at the dealer level is a popular activity, and we hope that the rest of the driving public soon becomes as smitten with small hatchy-things as we are. If we create enough clamor, they might send us a Jerry Lewis edition or something.

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