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im sorry if it was already brought up, but how can these be used on factory HID lights? do you include the adapters?
If OEM HID's are a must, others have had success splicing and/or using adapters for the factory OEM HID's. An easier option would be to use an aftermarket HID kit. This way, everything would be Plug & Play.

Jumping on the wagon, also bought a harness, thanks for making this process so much easier!
Thank you for the purchase and support!

jRox we talked through ebay a bit if we can proceed from here for the purchase please let me know, i only ask that because you told me that ebay is giving the shipping rates and paying 70$ for shipping is really painful while your price on the harness is great! So please let me know if we can go on from here. Thanks and waiting for your reply
PM sent.
721 - 727 of 727 Posts