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Click image to see one other photo of the wrecked 944

Cody, a reader from the Kansas City area, let us know about a story that made the rounds on the local news there yesterday. Two men were in a fully race-prepared Porsche 944 driving down Highway 350 when the driver, an employee of the owner (who was not in the vehicle), lost control of the car. According to KMBC-TV, the Porsche then left the highway, flipping twice and hitting several trees before coming to rest on its roof. Both occupants were hospitalized and listed in critical condition, and the passenger was thrown from the vehicle during the incident.

The car was running Yokohama racing slicks at the time of the crash, which could have been a contributing factor. Weather conditions in Kansas City yesterday were, according to The Weather Channel, cloudy with a high of 35 degrees. The accident investigation is ongoing. KMBC has video of the scene, and Cody captured two shots of the car as it was being flatbedded earlier today. From the look of things, the driver and passenger are very lucky that the car they wrecked was a race machine. Had it been a regular 944 without a roll cage, they might have wound up taking a trip to the morgue instead of the hospital. Thanks to Cody for the tip and photos.

[Source: KMBC-TV]

Gallery: Porsche 944 Racer in Highway Accident

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