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Duraflex Front Bumpers

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Anyone have any experience with them? One in question would be this... (link to duraflex directly). Seems pretty legit to me. Says it comes with the hardware and all the mesh (though I believe I will need to source the upper radiator shroud).

I have a C-West front bumper now, and I'm thinking of just selling it and going with a stocker + greddy lip. Any input would be appreciated!

And yes I realize there are old threads on them, but they are over a year old.
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reason for not using the c-west bumper ?? My front bumper is damaged I am shopping for a replacment. Is the c-west lesser quality or is it just to fragile.
its meant for lancers, wont fit your evo.. Its a lancer bumper which is meant to look like an evo.
Driving that bumper into the curb was pretty cool lol
C west is banged up and I don't want to deal with fixing it for now. I'd rather just have a stock front end, but NO ONE ever sells theirs (and for good reason). My C-west got fucked up when I had to get it towed. Needless to say I keep tools in the glove box and can pull the bumper in about 5 minutes now >_>
Get the varis 09 front bumper, kinda resembles that duraflex one.
Does anyone else find it humorous that her tube top says "E.D."?
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