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E Tune or In person

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Hey everyone so I need my evo x tuned again because I added some new mods and its sluggish and running a bit lean. I had Chag Tuned do my last tune and it was great. However to do an etune I would have to buy quite a bit of hardware in order to do it. I live about 3 hours from AMS in Chicago where they could tune it in person. Which option would you guys recommend. Let me know if any of you have been to AMS in Chicago and how your experience was.
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The Accessport doesnt have as many features as OpenSource tuning with TephraV3, the big one is Flex Fuel

That being said, if a good tuner knows what they are doing, they can absolutely give you a great tune on a Cobb. If you already have it, its not a bad gig.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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