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Ecuflash Netbook recommendations

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Laptop for ECUFlash/Evoscan, what small laptop/netbook do you guys recommend, was looking at a Acer/Asus PC EE type (10inch screen) to keep in car for logging and just flashing maps from tuner, are these small netbooks good enough to run ecuflash and for logging in evoscan or are they sluggish??

* Please NOTE I will not be doing tunning just flashing car and logging with it *
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I use a 7" Aspire One. It works, but its a bit small. Got it for $100 so i cant complain. I'd suggest replacing the harddriver with a small-ish SSD drive though. I used to have a 10" Lenovo whateverbook and it was a lot better. Wish i still had it, but my dog ate it (no joke...)

Pics of dog poop?
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