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El Capuccino Volvo 'ute spotted outside museum

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Click above for more images of the Volvo XC70 pickup

Volvo has been known for its safety and practical nature since the company's inception, but what we never expected to see from the Swedish automaker is a sport 'ute. A quick-witted photographer snapped up a few pics of an XC70 outside the Volvo museum in Sweden that has been converted for pickup duty, and it looks pretty damn good. Surprisingly, the Volvo ute looks exceptionally well built, thanks to the efforts of Swedish coachbuilder Dalbo Fordonsteknik. While it won't be confused with an El Camino or Ford Falcon, it has a small but usable bed, a shark fin-like design in profile, and what looks like some covered space behind the front seats.

Gallery: Volvo XC70 Sport 'Ute

[Source: Carscoop]
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if you look in the first pic, you can see it being towed by a 3-axle Volvo truck conversion...

interesting combo.
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