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emailed Seibon Carbon

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i emailed them today this is what they told me i hope they come out soon :godance::rock::thumbup:

Hi Albert the parts are still in production and not back yet. We have purchased
the car and stripped it from head to toe. So basically here are the parts that will
be coming out for your car. Hood, Fenders, lip, 4 doors, trunk, and rear diffuser.
Thank you

Seibon Carbon
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Do I sense weight reduction?! :shades:
^Don't get too excited.

AMS already made a CF Roof for the X and it only shaved 1lb. That's right, 1 pound. I doubt if there will be any HUGE changes in wieght by purchasing the Seibon line-up.

The only thing I'd consider is a different bodykit, etc...
well considering the roof is already aluminum I'm not surprised.
we have worked with Seibon in the past. Generally really good quality and nice guys to work with. Hopefully, they will have some nice offerings soon.

I can also say that PERRIN is fooling with some carbon bits for the car as well. No promises, but I have my fingers crossed.
i cant wait...but they didnt give you a date did they :(
i cant wait...but they didnt give you a date did they :(

they just told me to contact them in April when the parts will be released.
Wow, DOORS? Sick.

BTW - I had to remove the link and phone number from your post since he's not an approved merchant.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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