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End of the Year 2011 Photoshoot (Advan T7)

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Pure SEX!!!
Where's the spoiler and custom diffuser? sell it?????
complete its sleek and subtle. I like it!
Nardi Personal Trophy and NRG quick release hub with WORKS Bell short hub. Got them from Touge Factory.
Very clean Evo, but ugly watermelon background.
Love the clean look. Nice to see the Stock spoiler back on. I like your striping with the Touge Factory logo at the end of it. However, the added stickers on the rear window and rear trunk lid brake light is a bit much. The striping does the job.

I'd be interested to see your setup with black or bronze CE28n's.
Car looks sick ray. wish i was there to see it.
i ordered my gold t7 18x10 from ravspec its coming in next moth from japan. it looks hot on silver too!!
Mmmmmmmirrors. Love em
Fuckin' JDM
Soooo sexy
1 - 20 of 45 Posts
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