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End of the Year 2011 Photoshoot (Advan T7)

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Nardi Personal Trophy and NRG quick release hub with WORKS Bell short hub. Got them from Touge Factory.
Factory head unit is da bomb. I'm not a ICE guy so I don't bother touching those in any of my cars.
The mix match of colors was not intentional as that i am preparing to sell my advan rgd . I only put the T7 on so people get to see what they look like before I store the car for winter. I did not plan to keep the gold stickers in lou of matching with my T7. Interior wise next year was updating with red stitched ierea to go with the bride. Along with the rose gold quick release. What you see is what you get.
Yes they are 18x10 +15 with 265/35 Star Specs on. I have -2.5 camber front and -2 camber rear with the rear fender's rolled. I do not rub at all, not even the fender liner up front at full lock.
^^ arnt your rear fenders pulled as well?
nope, they are only rolled. They didn't even shave my rear bumper tabs. I'm tucking like crazy with -2 camber on a 18x10 +15. never touches the fender nor that bumper tab.
1 - 6 of 45 Posts
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