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Enkei RPF1 + Advan RZ

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Okay, so I am in the position now to get my second set of wheels. Now I know for the 10" size my Advan's are lighter than the RPF1's but my Advan's also look like hammered Hell from racing. So I am left with a decision...

Get the RPF1's in 10" size in black and use them for DD and then continue to use my Advan's for racing and say F it on the paint...or get the RPF1's in 10.5" and use them for racing and (DD while I get the Advan's repainted).

I ultimately want to be able to run the same tires on either wheel, which with a 275 size tire that should not be a problem. I really hate how the RPF1 looks, so I am leaning more towards using them for racing but then again the RZ's are lighter. I am not going to drop another $3k for another set of Advan's before anyone suggest that!

So anyhow, what does everyone think?
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I will also add that with my camber, I think the 10" RPF1 will look like shat with the +38 offset. My RZ's with +25 almost look to tucked for my taste as it is. The 10.5" RPF1's are +15 so that would look a little better I think.

Of course, I could always just sell my Advan's and get 2 sets of 10.5" RPF1's and call it quits, get one maybe in blue for race or something stupid like that.
get 10.5 rpf1 and use the for racing. Are you going to a AS tire for daily driving? Are you going to rcomps? I'll let you know how the 285s fit under my car on a 18x10.
I will not use race tires until I have a truck and trailer. So street DOT tires for me for the next few years. I do too many autocrosses to afford 3 sets of compound tires per year. Mark Berry and those guys only get 8 events, ~30 runs on a set of Hoosiers. I do over 16 events per year...over 150 thank you!

See that is just it, I won't be running a tire larger than 275...pretty much ever. So getting the wider wheel is just going to add weight and offset. If the 10" RPF1 came in +15 or +25 I would be all over it. The 10.5" RPF1 is nearly the same weight as my RZ wheels and if I decide to DD the $3k RZ's I would have to pay a few hundred to have them coated, they look that bad!
I agree. If it was me I and tire width was staying the same on both sets (275) I would run your wheels you have now for racing and do a 18x9.5 for DD to help keep rock chips out of them and the side of your car.
See I was kind of thinking the same...But I gotta commit to using which one where before buying. There really isn't a good reason for me to run a wide tire DD other than it will look like a late Camaro if I run slim tires with my camber. :tumbleweed:

The stock wheels on an Evo are the WORST looking wheels on a car I have seen in a long time. Maybe run 9.5 with spacers and longer studs?
Or do I just say fuck it and get some Wedsports SA-55M for DD and looking pretty in parking lots?

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my DD are 9.5+20 and they are pretty flush. I think it's all in the offset. I do know that RPF1 bend easier than forged wheel so I personally wouldn't use them for DD.
What camber are you running though? I am running nearly -3.2 in front and -2.4 in the rear... My shit is halfway tucked under literally. :bowlol:
Weds are fuckin sick dude.
I would love to get them and I can, the offset is 10mm better than the 10" RPF1's. But the paint chipping I experienced on the RZ's is just stupid ridiculous. Even just DD, they started getting hammered to hell. But, the Weds look nice and I thought about either getting them in black/red or black/gray. The problem is the first rock chip will expose raw aluminum which can be seen from 80ft away... :duh:
I'm in the same boat... except that i have my stock rims and rota g-force and thinking about buying a 3rd set... but i think im going to sell stock rims, keep rotas. and then pick up some advans or rpf1's for track use only..
I can help you there...if getting track use only get the RPF1's...For the cost difference the Advan's are not worth it. Tracking and racing no one notices your spinning wheels!

If I could start over I would have gotten a cherry set of Advan's for DD and RPF1's for track/autox. My dilemna is my Advan's look like a 16 year old's pimply face... so I have to weigh in having them potentially ruined when getting them recoated or just saying they are functional and get the job done but look like Hell.
Do the Advans really look that bad? I dont like the look of RPF1s. Get the Advans coated and get a set of RPF1s for track duty.
I also do not like the look of the RPF1's...I don't think I can get used to seeing them everyday DD. All the Civics, Mustangs, and other shit cars run them. But very few run the RZ's...due to cost and availability.

Yes they are TERRIBLE...

This was almost a year ago, they are 10x worse than this now...keeping them dirty didn't help at all...I tried.

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Ouch. Your wheels have chicken pox :(
They have herpes now...with a dash of smallpox. :(
what about nt03's
Hell's no! WTF is up with the extra concentric ring to clean? Don't think so!
The more I look at these, the more I think I could handle looking at them on my car over the RPF1' black of course...

I cannot seem to find the weight of these wheels in the 18x10.5 +15 size... I know the same size in the RPF1 is 19.7lbs.

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I'd be worried about RPF1's bending on pot holes on the streets. I've heard a some stories. Damn those wheels look rough! Couldn't you just get them powder coated or something to cover up most of the dings?
I tried covering them up but it was futile. Each event I go to I get 15-20 more chips on each wheel. There are literally hundreds on each wheel now... They also chipped up regularly even when all I did was DD on them.

I have half the mind to just have them powdercoated gloss black and be done with it. I just really HATE silver wheels on a dark car, I know it would be best to race with just metal or silver wheels due to the less noticeable chipping. Just from my experience with the Advan's and my cars setup, if I get anything to race on that has paint, it will suffer pretty bad. The Advan RZ's are pretty darn light for the size, 19.66lbs.

The Weds look nice but they will probably chip up just as bad as the Advan's. I could maybe try like a hypersilver or something for DD. I had that combo on my previous dark gray car.
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Yeah I have been getting some chipping on my TE-37 SLs and it makes me a sad panda. I'm just going to call them battle scars and keep them forever =]. Eventually though, I may get something else for DDing just to reduce the wear on my Auto X Tires (RS-3's). But I just bought a old crappy beater Saturn for 1500 bucks so for now thats my DDer.
I am looking to do the same thing. I am about to switch to RS-3's from Z1's. I want to run Z1's for DD and RS-3's for autox. So I want a DD set of wheels to put the Z1's on.

this thread has me thinking that I don't want to auto-x or do track days on my Volks. Which is kinda stupid in the sense that I don't want to use my expensive, strong, lightweight racing wheels for racing.

Guess I'll DD the Volks and rock the stock wheels for racing at least until I go through the tires that are on them. Then I'll probably put some all season or snow tires on the stockers and get some cheap wheels with good tires for the track.?
I agree, it is kind of stupid for me to want to get a cheaper wheel for racing when the Advan RZ's are great for it. They are already beat to Hell so I should use them for what I Now I just have to decide what to do about DD wheels. I don't think I can commit to the red/black Weds...I have an issue committing to colors which is why all of my cars are gray with black accessories!
thats exactly what I said you should do and you could always paint the weds, you're not stuck with them it's not a lifelong commitment but I feel you, it's difficult to choose a color scheme for the car and stick with it.
That's why I am here to get someone to convince me to do something I should do in the first place. :innocent:
Sigh NVM not available in 18".
My wife helped me pick...drum roll! Enkei RPF1 18x10.5 +15 in Gunmetal for DD.

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Nice. I hope it doesn't match GG though, that'll look weird.

Are you going to powder coat the Advans?
I used my touch-up paint for my GG on my Advan's almost the exact color! I am going to let the Advan's just get further into Hell!
maybe 4layer of plasti dip will prevent those chips.
When I get the new wheels I am going to put some truck bed liner on them... Maybe even the entire wheel face.
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