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Enkei RPF1 + Advan RZ

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Okay, so I am in the position now to get my second set of wheels. Now I know for the 10" size my Advan's are lighter than the RPF1's but my Advan's also look like hammered Hell from racing. So I am left with a decision...

Get the RPF1's in 10" size in black and use them for DD and then continue to use my Advan's for racing and say F it on the paint...or get the RPF1's in 10.5" and use them for racing and (DD while I get the Advan's repainted).

I ultimately want to be able to run the same tires on either wheel, which with a 275 size tire that should not be a problem. I really hate how the RPF1 looks, so I am leaning more towards using them for racing but then again the RZ's are lighter. I am not going to drop another $3k for another set of Advan's before anyone suggest that!

So anyhow, what does everyone think?
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get 10.5 +15 rpf1 and use the for racing. Are you going to a AS tire for daily driving? Are you going to rcomps? I'll let you know how the 285s fit under my car on a 18x10.

You know what though. you are going to have to run a lot of camber to run the 10.5s which may suck for DD. Maybe stick to same size wheel so your alignment is the same.
I agree. If it was me I and tire width was staying the same on both sets (275) I would run your wheels you have now for racing and do a 18x9.5 for DD to help keep rock chips out of them and the side of your car.
my DD are 9.5+20 and they are pretty flush. I think it's all in the offset. I do know that RPF1 bend easier than forged wheel so I personally wouldn't use them for DD.
I'm running -2 in front and -1 in rear. Not nearly as aggressive as you.

Weds are fuckin sick dude.
I think a 9.5 with a offset under 20 would look good.

I really like the new Work CR Ultimates in 10.5 + 23 for DD. They look awesome on the X.
1 - 5 of 58 Posts
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