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Hi folks - I'm entering EVO X world (drove it 10+yrs ago). Wanted to get your thoughts.

The car pulls hard, no leaks and seller said all fluids were changed recently. Up on the hoist, car is clean underneath.

My understanding is that it was in one accident where couple of airbags were deployed - body was repaired and airbags were not. Driver's seat is in good condition but side bolster sewed up from said airbag deploy. Therefore cluster is lit up with airbag warnings.

Engine light was on but the code reader pulled no readings. AYC pump had no leaks. Any flags?

Lastly, I called the dealer and they mentioned a few outstanding recalls (impact sensor, inspect clutch master cylinder, ECM programming, serpentine belt, front wiper links).

My questions are:
1. Engine light is on, what could cause this? Will AYC pump being out always show up on code reader?
2. Can airbag lights be cleared? What will be the most cost effective way of getting this back to fully operational?
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