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Imo this is the best episode in a few seasons. Episodes like this are why all the other top gears get so much flack :) Starts with a review of the new M5. Not the best review (or reviewer... Hammond), but an awesome car! want

then the news, which was pretty entertaining and not too long... then Kimi comes on as a guest and does a lap!

A classic review of the Ferrari gt250 california... the low point of the show imo, but short and well done for what it was

Slash was the guest. +1 for someone I recognize.

Then the last 1/3 was spent doing a challenge to try to get into racing for less than the cost of getting into golf. Quite 24-hours-of-lemons-esque if you ask me. A entertaining challenge that involved cars, motorsports, and reality! i just wish someone would have shown up in a Golf :)

Anyway, go watch this one if you haven't yet :rock:
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