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Europe gets Toyota Yaris SR with dockable TomTom nav unit

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The Euro-spec Toyota Yaris is a well-equipped little car. But things like the nine airbags, chrome exhaust finisher, and remote central double locking are merely gravy for the real show on this new SR model: a fully-integrated portable TomTom navigation system that doubles as a touchscreen interface for the car stereo.

It's a neat little trick, and the unit also offers Bluetooth connectivity and a USB connection for MP3 players. We wonder, though, if this is about simply making life easier and aesthetically cleaner for GPS users, or if people are really clamoring for a portable GPS. This blogger has never seen anyone walking down the street taking direction from a TomTom -- but this blogger also lives in LA where nobody walks anywhere, so maybe I'm not the best judge. If nothing else, certain Euro Yaris takers can finally kiss the suction cups goodbye. Uh, Toyota, how 'bout some of that love over this way, please?

Gallery: Toyota Yaris SR

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