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EVO product development / coilovers

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Hey all.

We are currently undergoing development of or next line of products. Im look for some help from you guys here. For this batch of product we are aiming to fine tune our suspenions to specific applications, one of which is the evo. We plan on using your feedback to put together a couple tests to feature on

Heres what im thinking,wWe want to soften our spring or possably go progressive in our blue line while going lower ride heights accross the board. Also trying to figure out how stiff to go on the street/ track and our track specific product lines.

What im looking for is this.

Street guys: what kinda of ride heighs you run. wheels sizes, what kinds of spring you using now (spring rate would be awsome if u know em) and you feeling on the setup and ways you would improve it.

Track guys: pretty much the same thing. if you tracking you car i would assume you know you spring rates....lets talk...

where were at now its we have extremely similar spring rates to cetrain green bodies and orange bodied competitors. but we know that you cant get anywhere by sitting us out here ppl, this is your chance.

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come on vertical scope. we paid our memberships for a bunch of sites and this is the only one were still having issues with.

if you guys dont wanna talk till it says "supporting vendor" beside my name...dont worry...its should be there soon

also, im am not advertising anything. adverts contain prices and sales information and shyte like that. this is strictly a development program.

lmk if you guys are interested or not. it cost nothing. pennies for you thoughts kinda things.

if you not loss i guess. ill contact vertical scope again and we can transfer our supporting $$$ to a different forum that wants it

hope i didnt come of as an ahole. im trying to develop 3 different line for 20someodd applications and i want every single one fine tunned. its alot of work.

side bar, we are off to the shock dyno tuesday. should have some good tech data by next week.
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1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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