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Evo X Brake Cooling or Cold air or fog light mesh

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Brand new OEM mesh that replaced the GSRs stock plastic blocking fog light grill to actually let some ram air cool your brakes.

This mesh helps cooling the LICP, brakes, and a CAI system if fitted. sells for 35 normally. I am asking $30 shipped.

random picture

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ill take me ur info
pm'd you.
Dayam I'm too late again

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where can i buy this new?
it's still available for sale.
Will you do 25 shipped?

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I think 30 is fair, not looking to negotiate at the moment.
Ok thanks

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You suck, why no sell to me on facebook haha. I didn't even know you were selling this. Looks like I'm gonna have to wait for another one to be sold.
Oops, next time ill post on FB first.
I bought this here, paid $7 for shipping.

Evo X mesh at
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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