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2013 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X GSR
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Hi guys, I recently built my 4b11t. I scheduled for a dyno tune and the tuner said that they could not tune it because my intake VVT is not matching the tartget. There was no CEL when i brought it to the dyno. It now has a code for running rich because I had them install my fic2150cc. That’s to be expected. My issue is During the break in period my car would cold start idle and drive fine without a base tune. Then when I turn the engine back on after driving for a while. The engine would idle rough and the rpm would jump for 300 to 800 and it sound as if it was a camed v8 but slow, after a few second it stalls out. IT drives fine while it’s in gear but soon I press the clutch or put it in neutral it starts to idle rough again then stalls out.
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-GSC s2 cams with springs and retainer
-torque solution exhaust cam gear housing
-OEM timing chain version 2
-Wiseco pistons (STD)
-Manley H-tuff steel rods
-ARP main and head studs
-Odysseyfab sidewinder turbo kit w/ 4” Maf housing
-PT 6266 Gen 2 turbo w/ T51r mod
-Radium Surge tank w/ Walbro 525LPH
-AEM 340LPH lift pump
-Radium rail, regulator and dampener
- 8an feed, 6an return fuel lines
-4bar map sensor

I just received my tactrix 2.0 cable today and I will log it as is. And see if I can post it here later.

It currently has a brand new EXH and INT VVT solenoids. I also did all blow the oil ports for the vvt

Please let me know what you guys think I should do.
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