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Hi guys i have a 2011 mitsubishi lancer evo x gsr without the rockford fosgate sound system.

When i bought the car it came with a Chinese aftermarket radio and i had a shop wire in a amp and subs 5 years ago.

Anyways when the amp and subs were installed whenever my radio volume was at 52 or higher the cluster on the evo would throw codes lights would dim and all but the radio would still work fine. This never bothered me because i never needed to put the volume past 52(almost max volume). The shop claimed it was a cheap chinese radio.

Recently 5 years later... only been driving it about once or twice a week recently it has been doing the same thing exept now its doing at around 36 volume which is not that loud. I thought it was battery. Had the battery checked and sure enough it had to be replaced. Replaced the battery with a ac delco 800cca but im still having the same issue! Checked grounds, respliced wires going into amp and sub. Tried new rca cables. Checked wires behind radio everything seems intact.

Could this possibly mean the radio finally went to shit?? Again the radios DOES NOT CUT OUT no matter how loud i make it. But the louder i go past 36 volume the more the cluster goes crazy and throws codes cluster lights dim etc. Any ideas??
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