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Not by me sadly

Courtesy of Mick429 on

As mentioned by Darin on this thread we were invited to the new Lancer/Evo X press lauch yesterday, where I managed to get my hands on the Evo X FQ360 for a few laps of the Prodrive high speed circuit.

I have seen much of the debate on the MLR about the weight of the new car and the new traction control systems, so to be honest I was expecting the car to push wide in the corners (courtesy of the extra weight), and feel a little slower than the IX FQ360. I was also very interested in the way the new S-AWC would feel under pressure.


Having spent the morning in SST equipped cars, it was good to get back in an Evo with a manual box and bigger power for a few laps as it allowed a more direct comparison with the cars I drive regularly (Evo IX GT and Evo IV GSR).

First impression of the 5 speeder in the X 360 is that it is slick ... I thought it slicker than any of the Evo boxes I have tried so far. It is positive without being overly notchy, and with the pedals being perfectly set up for heel and toe progress through the twisty parts of the circuit was never held up by that awkward feeling you get when trying to get used to a new car.

On to the straights ... the X obviously felt a little down on power when comparing it with the 400bhp 9 GT I drove to the day, but an inspection of the speedo confirmed that the car was still making indecently good progress

However two things stood out about the X. It is most definitely a little more "grown up" than the IX. It is a noticeably quieter car, and the turbo spools so smoothly that you could almost be in something naturally aspirated. It would be interesting to see the IX and X 360s head to head. I don't think the X would be a million miles behind.


This was the most interesting area for me, especially as the car being driven was a GSR. The ASC system was switched off on the way down to the track but AYC was still active of course, and ACD was left in tarmac mode.

I was genuinely and pleasantly surprised by the car's handling!
  • Turn in was pin sharp
  • Oversteer was available on demand, and the car was pretty easy to catch/correct when the tail was hanging out
  • Occasionally on the IV GSR we have you can feel the AYC snap you back into line if you are not too gentle with the controls. I tried to get the X to exhibit similar behaviour, but there was no sign of it. The AYC system doesn't seeem to intrude on your driving at all
Driving Position

When you first get into the X it does seem a little bigger than a IX, but I forgot about that within minutes. The seats are good, and the driving position worked well for me without having to adjust things too much (probably helped that the instructor that brought the car over was the same height as me)

I did notice the extra leg room too. I have the seat right back in the IX, but didn't have to do this in the X ... taller people will appreciate the difference.

Trim/Overall impression

The exterior of the X has definitely started to grow on me. Still stuck on colour, but I think Lightning Blue is the one I would probably go for ... photos really don't do it justice. And despite the switches for the heater etc, the overall look and feel of the cabin is definitely a step up on the IX. Not BMW/Audi good, but going the right way.

As with the IX, I think the steering wheel is a little ugly but it is good to hold.

I have seen previews of the new computer system on the X too, and thought that the fonts and general layout looked a little tacky. I'm guessing that they must have been pre-production shots because the system in the cars yesterday looked good.

Comparison with IX GT

I got back in the IX GT for the drive home, and noticed very quickly how ill fitting the seats felt compared to those in the X. The driving position also felt a little awkward. I've never had an issue with the IX in this area, so it goes to show that some good work has been done here by Mitsi.

I also noticed when planting the throttle on the way back to the M6 that the IX GT didn't feel quite as fast as I remembered it being on the way up. Maybe that X 360 wasn't so slow after all .....


In summary, I'd say the X still has the soul of an Evo. A little more refined maybe, but still definitely an Evo. And I think more than a few opinions of this car will be changed once people have had a chance to get out in one and drive it

And finally, a massive thanks to both the guys from Mitsubishi and Darin for inviting me along to take pics/drive the X. There are some experiences that money just can't buy, and I feel very lucky to have been invited to one of them.
Pictures too!


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those carbon fiber is nice. do we need that vortex generator in x?
who cares if we need it? It looks sweeeeeet :thumbup:

I think all the carbon on the front are options, we get a carbon lip spoiler and thats it. Nice touches on the hand brake and gear knob though I think.

gotta get me that rear carbon diffuser though.

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Thats sweeet. First pics I've seen of the FQ 360 - I like the carbon fibre too! Gumbo whens your arriving?

Shame the 360 only get some of the carbon fibre. Gotta love the little HKS logo on the super dragger exhaust though :shades:

Still not gotta a date for mine. Late March/Early April is still best guess.
Will be driving one on the track a week tomorrow though :thumbup:

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nice.. good find!

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I'm in for those carbon fiber pieces eventually when they make their way over here!!!
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