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My name is Filip and I own a 2010 GSR Evo X and I have a problem with ABS/ASC and AWC.
When I turn the key to ign-on position ASC and ASC OFF lights come on, after few seconds ABS light comes on (after the system check). The lights are still on after starting the car, but ABS light goes off when I turn the key off and on while the car is rolling. Another thing is, that when I'm driving normally I get 4WD System Service Required, but only after driving on a STRAIGHT ROAD for approx 200-300 meters, the warning doesn't come on when I'm driving on a road with a lot of turns.

After a scan ABS/ASC ECU threw codes:
U1417 Variant coding value invalid (includes faulty installation)
C1290 CAN time-out error

If someone came by this issue and fixed it I'd be very glad to know how, because the car is starting to be a nightmare.

Also I want to mention that ETACS-ECU and ECM have been replaced, VINs are paired and variant coding has been done in both of them according to coding table from Mitsubishi.

ETACS-ECU is originally from a '10 Ralliart Sportback, ECM is from '10 Evo X GSR so there might be some problems with that, but as I said I performed variant coding, but the DTCs and lights are still there.
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