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2.0L - Stock Sleeves, Mahle 9.0:1 pistons, Eagle Rods, ACL Bearings, ARP Head Studs, GSC S2s, Springs, Titanium Retainers, stock size intake valves, +1mm exhaust valves, bronze valve guides (all GSC) and pocket ported the head.

ETS 6262 V-Band Turbo Kit

FIC 2150CC injectors

Buschur Double Pumper (stock lines, Stock FPR)

Kozmic 12 plate Drag Clutches and valve body mods

Blue is E85.
Red is 92 Pump gas
Green is the previous pump gas tune on stock block and the 5858

The boost reference is wrong on the graph. Pump is 25psi. E85 is 35 psi.

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