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Hey guys,

I have an OEM front/upsteam o2 sensor that I extended with high quality crimps (don't ask me why long story). I'm slightly worried this is going to fail one day but read online it shouldn't be of issue.
I don't have my rear o2 sensor to use as the front for a replacement/backup and I'm using the rear o2 for datalogging.

I'm currently looking to get a cheap O2 Sensor as a backup for my crimped one incase it fails. My question is has anyone used these Walker or Denso replacement O2 sensors, and which one should I go for?

I've read walker has been used back in the day for "race gas" and Denso is rebranded as OEM.

Denso part # 234-4116
Walker part # 250-24751
$50 price difference in CAD over walker.

Thanks guys!
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