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I have been involved in rallying for around 15 years, rallying a Toyota Corolla KE70 (4AGE), a Mitsubishi Mirage Mivec RS hatch and a Honda Civic EP3 Type R with a sequential gearbox. My dream car has always been an Evo and I was given the opportunity to purchase an unfinished Evo X rally project. This project was for sale for some time so I negotiated with the owner and was able to purchase it.

It was a road going GSR which was fully stripped and caged with a Ireco FIA spec multipoint weld-in rollcage. Internationally, Ireco is on par with Custom Cages for Evo rollcages. My intention was always to fit an Ireco cage to my Evo project so it was fitting that the shell I bought had one already fitted.

The final spec of the car will be as below
Built 4B11T with 33 or 34mm restrictor
3" straight exhaust
Drenth 6 speed sequential box
Ralliart homologated front and rear plated LSDs
Reiger Gravel suspension (and tarmac springs)
Alcon 365mm 6 pot front brake kit (tarmac)
Alcon 330mm 4 pot rear brake kit (tarmac)
300mm from 4 pot front brake kit (gravel)
Stock Brembos (gravel)
Speedline 18x8 wheels for tarmac
Speedline 15x7 wheels for gravel
Ralliart hydraulic tandem handbrake
Sparco Circuit seats on alloy seat mounts with FIA seat rails
Carbon lamp and bumper pods with LED fog lights
Motec M130 management for engine and ACD
Aim PDM 30, digital dash and a Racepak smartwire PDM (if necessary)
Full underbody guards
Carbon door cards
Nylon Fuel and ACD lines run inside
Plastic braided fuel lines run inside

The came as a rolling shell and all that was included was an engine and all wiring from the original car. I tossed the carpet, rear seats and the interior plastics as these would be of no use to me. Unfortunately, I got no bolts or nuts so if anyone in the Boston area happens to have a bucket of Evo bolts they want to get rid of, please let me know.

Car Vehicle Sky Plant Hood

This was the first time I saw her in person.

Inside was a bit messy to be honest but nothing a little TLC wont take care of.

Motor vehicle Automotive tire Automotive design Tire Wheel

These are the remaining things I got with the shell. The boxes are only wiring and fuse boxes. Rewiring this car will be a headache.

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Land vehicle

Tire Cloud Wheel Sky Vehicle

Packed and ready for transport

The car didn't come with a high rise Evo X spoiler so I purchased one before I got the car. Lukily it came with a carbon gurney flap, unfortunately it was spray painted with rattle can paint so I had my work cut out.

Plant Water Grass Road surface Automotive tire

Tire Automotive tire Chair Automotive design Carbon

I took some time with the flap and 1000 grit sand paper and..
Hood Automotive parking light Automotive lighting Grille Automotive tire

I dismantled the highrise wing so I could sand it and remove the rattle can paint. Turns out it was silver before and I found some weight saving possibilities with the aluminium frame of the wing.
Automotive tire Road surface Automotive exterior Bumper Asphalt

Carbon goodies. I wont be using the roof vent so drop me a PM if you are interested in it.
Hood Automotive lighting Wood Grille Rectangle

Hood Grille Automotive lighting Vehicle registration plate Automotive tail & brake light

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With no bolts and nuts, I couldn't install much things so I cleaned the car and tried fitting the AC and the dash. I had to trim one bolt hole to fit the AC.
Building Composite material Wheel Tire Engineering

Car Vehicle Wheel Hood Automotive tire

The interior has a bit of rust coming through the paint but the plan is to fully build the car and have it drivable, then strip it down to a bare shell for sandblasting and priming. By that time all the unused holes would be blocked, unused nuts removed and unused studs cut off. The only disadvantage between the Evo X and the 8-9s is the weight. I will try to get this car as light as possible. The class weight limit I am aiming for is 1230kg dry. That may not be possible but I will try my best to get as close to it as possible. Alot of metal can be cut from the interior of the car.


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Im here to follow!
Rally is badass. I love evos, have 3. this will be exciting

I bought my third Evo with some intension to build it into a rally beast. A good friend of mines been crushing the ARA series the last couple years and been bugging me to do it. Its a bit banged up, but that's fine. I am sure I wont be kind or the perfect driver to her....

I suggest a T7 heater, Save some weight: I think its 18 pounds saved vs the OEM.
I have the 3.5 in my TA evo, just to keep it road legal.

You have a full cage, There is lots of the body that can go.
The doors are a mega heavy, over 200 lbs for them. 60 ish from 40 ish rear.
I want to go carbon on mine, but with no cage in my car, I cant risk it.

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Thanks Mitchchubey. I may need air conditioning for the hotter climates. Especially if I install fixed lexan windows. Either way AC will probably be the last thing to go. I plan to remove all the crash bars from the doors and all captive nuts and bolts which aren't being used. I have to wrap my mind around how to remove the heavy plates with the captive seat belt bolts which are in the B-pillar. ITs going to be a long journey

You should definitely convert the evo into a rally car. There are clubman beginner series like Rally sprints and Rally Cross (autocross on gravel/ grass and not the rallyx multicar racing) where you can give it a try before making a huge investment.
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