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Im here to follow!
Rally is badass. I love evos, have 3. this will be exciting

I bought my third Evo with some intension to build it into a rally beast. A good friend of mines been crushing the ARA series the last couple years and been bugging me to do it. Its a bit banged up, but that's fine. I am sure I wont be kind or the perfect driver to her....

I suggest a T7 heater, Save some weight: I think its 18 pounds saved vs the OEM.
I have the 3.5 in my TA evo, just to keep it road legal.

You have a full cage, There is lots of the body that can go.
The doors are a mega heavy, over 200 lbs for them. 60 ish from 40 ish rear.
I want to go carbon on mine, but with no cage in my car, I cant risk it.
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