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Evo x rims/tires question

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Hi guys, I recently purchased my first Evo, it's a 2011 GSR phantom black with the handling package (bilstein's and bbs rims). I'm getting it lowered in a couple of weeks with swift spec-r springs and I'm considering selling my stock 18x8 bbs/advan's and switching to a 18x9.5 rim with a 265/35-18 tire. The offset I figured might work is between +20 and +25 keeping in mind that the swift spec-r springs will drop me down 1.25" front and 1" rear. My question is does anyone have any experience using the swift spec-r springs with that size of tire? and if so will my offset guess of +20 to +25 work without any fender rubbing?? If not what offset should I be aiming for???

Thanks in advance!


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I am running 275 Z1's, lowered ~1-1.5" from stock on coils with -3/-2 camber and I have no rubbing issues at all. I also has no issues with stock GSR wheels with 265 Nitto NT05's on stock height or with coils with regards to rubbing. Unless you are getting your wheels/tires mounted at Discount/Firestone/NTB/Goodyear/Etc listen to what your shop says.
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