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What brand clutch packs on the SST did you have installed?

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I think I don't have enough posts to PM you.. But ...

Hello, i'm inquiring about a part l, what you might have. It's the right side child restraint bracket of a Lancer (Evolution) OEM part number 5253B018.
Paypal or BTC ready

Please let me know if available.

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Interested in your AYC pump

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I am parting out an Evo x with a blown engine and all parts are available. I will ship most parts but some will be local pickup only. All body panels and bumpers are in near mint condition. The body panels have no dents or scratches whatsoever and were very well taken care of. The wheels were recently refinished and powder coated with nearly new tires. Besides the engine, all parts are fully functional. If you see a part not listed, feel free to contact me as I most likely have it. The best way to contact me is by call or text to (631) 405-9310.

All prices are not firm and I will take the best offer. The prices are as follows;

Complete undertray- $125
Turbo XS High Flow cat- (SOLD)
HKS Hi-Power Exhaust- (SOLD)
Front Recaro seats- (SOLD)
Rear seats- $300
Hood- (SOLD)
Trunk- $450
Fenders- (SOLD)
Front door (passenger side)- $325
Rear door (passenger side)- $400
Front bumper- (SOLD)
Rear bumper- $500
Side skirts- $100 x2
Wheels + Pilot Sport All season tires (Recently refinished and powder coated, no defects) - $300 each
Block (#4 cylinder blown) - (SOLD)
SST Transmission (clutch packs changed at 40k miles)- $3000
Transfer case- $800
Differential- $700
Front crash bar- (SOLD)
Strut bar- $80
Intake manifold- (SOLD)
Front axels- (SOLD)
Oil and transmission cooler- $275
Water pump and thermostat- $125
Alternator- $70
Downpipe and exhaust manifold- $200
AYC pump- $700
AMS intake + filter- (SOLD)
Turbo- (SOLD)
Calipers- $800
Mirrors- $80
Headlight Leveling Switch- (SOLD)
Headlights- (SOLD)
Tail lights- (SOLD)
Mudflaps- (SOLD)
Intercooler- (SOLD)
AMS intercooler piping- (SOLD)
Interior trim- (ask for prices)
Steering wheel- (SOLD)
Throttle body- $225
Harness- $100
injectors- (SOLD)
Ignition cois- (SOLD)
Shocks and struts- $400
Headrests- (SOLD)
Cam sensors- (SOLD)
Mivec solenoids- (SOLD)
Shift boot- (SOLD)
front undertray?
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