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So I have a 2015 EVO MR and lately it just started doing these weird things. First there’s a weird wine in the car out nowhere it sounds like a old tv you can hear it in the video and second when I put the car in drive or make small movements with the car a rattling sound would be heard and lastly whenever I stop at a light or if I stop before a speed bump a weird locking sound would be heard when it goes into first gear. Any idea what all this could is?

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Based on the symptoms you've described, here are a few possible explanations for the issues with your 2015 EVO MR:

1. Whining noise: The whining noise could be related to a problem with the transmission, such as a worn-out bearing or gear. It's also possible that it could be an issue with the power steering system or the alternator. A professional mechanic would be able to diagnose the source of the noise more accurately.

2. Rattling sound during small movements: This could be caused by loose or worn-out components in the suspension or exhaust system. It's important to have the car inspected to identify the specific component that is causing the rattling sound.

3. Locking sound when shifting into first gear: If you hear a locking sound when the car shifts into first gear, it could indicate an issue with the transmission synchronizers or the clutch. This would require a thorough inspection by a qualified technician.
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