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evolutionm isnt working can someone help me with something

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hello everybody im sry i have to post this on your guys forum but has not been working for me for the past few days and i need to know something, please dont flame i dont know were else to ask.

ok i just put on a cone inake and tbe with high flow cat, now everything went well no leaks and no check engine light. two day later i went to drive to my friends house so i hop on the parkway "first time on the pkwy since the install" and bam the check engine light went on.

so my question: is it normal for the check engine light to go on with a hfc? i thought that you dont get a cell light with a hfc :( i just want to know if everything ok.

just so you guys know i am going for a tune in a couple days!

thanks for helping a evo borther out :p

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oh i for got to say i have a evo 9!
or maybe somebody can give me another evo 8/9 website the only one i know of is

sry if this thead is pissing anyone off!
try They have good info on 9's and 8's...

By the way, your best bet is to pull the check engine code using an OBDII reader. That will tell you exactly why your car threw the light. Depending on where you live, Autozone rents them for free as well as many other auto parts stores.... go in, ask to borrow the OBDII reader.. use it to pull the code(s)... it will start with P0XXX with the XXX being the code number... then, you can google the code and it will tell you what threw the light. Also, you can reset the light with the same tool.

good luck.

thanks for the help :thumbup:
thanks for the good info kmx! i'm going with the antifouler
1 - 5 of 8 Posts
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