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Evopalooza 2014 Pic Thread - Greatest motorsports event of all time

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It was great meeting everyone at this truly awesome event!

This is one event that no one on this forum should miss, even if you have to fly out.
I didn't race, but I made good use of my time taking some photos.

Happy, thanks for putting up with my antics, it was a great expedition... up through West Virginia where we discovered malfunctioning trailer lights in the rain, at dark, in a mining town. I still shiver thinking about that wretched motel where both of use refused to touch the water.

With no sleep, we both left at the crack of the morning after accounting for all of the wheels on the trailer. Our first stop was the original Bob Evans. The hearty breakfast definitely gave us the needed energy for the long trip ahead of us... as the next stop was the greatest motorsports event of all time, Evopalooza!

After enduring hours of unending roads made of satan's armpit, we promptly arrived at a nice cushy hotel. We made one more stop for the night at a tavern, where we toasted a shot to Evopalooza.

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1 - 20 of 39 Posts
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