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I posted this on the Genrel Evom Forums but no help.

Can a Dealer or anyone help me understand an Required Order Status Sheet from the dealership

I dont have a Scanner so I can not scan the page,but at the bottom of the page
there is a*****and a bunch of other junk I think it links to something that only Dealers can log on to make orders.

This sheet was kind of look like a Excel

The 1st set shows

Description- 2008 Lancer Evolution GSR 025-2.0/5MT/A11 Gsr?Sight sound spoiler PKG

90 Day Avg. Sale- Blank

Dlr Stock - Blank

At Port - 3

On Order - 3

Available - 6

Required - 1

Accepted - 1

Freeflow - blank

Ordered -1

Price** - N/A

Next set Ship ASAP check box, Order# C- then a bunch of numbers, Model
2008 GSR 5M, FOG A11, Color/Trim U02/80X - Phantom Black/ Black Fabric/

Addnl.Opts had 2 box. !st Box Has GD, 2nd Blank, Last is Status accepted by Store Number code

Can someone help me on this, It say 6 available
does that mean they allready have 6 that match my order waiting at the port?


Sorry Adm, Can you move this to Genrel, Just notice its on EVOX News
What did you order? I don't have the required 6 hours to train you on the MDL OMS training system, but I will let you know that what you are looking at is:

2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X GSR - Phantom Black
Package Option - Wheel Locks

The rest of the stuff is internal, but it means that your dealership has an availability to order 6 total Evos for the season. They've only ordered 3 of their available 6.

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That sheet is actually an order confirmation sheet. It actually shows that the order was just placed. Which means the factory has not received the order as of yet. It should go into the factory system and be put on the assembly line. I'd say in about 90 days.
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