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The Teams are designed to help bring together people that are local to one another. We want you guys to get together, go out and have some fun with your cars! Whether it be track days, meets, canyon cruises, you name it. Go out and have some fun with these incredible machines, and do it together!

  • The team will not be administered or ran by a manufacturer or vendor/shop or other such business.
    • If the team's major sponsors are not approved vendors of the team may keep the sponsor, however said sponsor will still fall under non-vendor rules (see forum rules for more information).
  • The team will not be related to, nor participate in illegal activities or hate groups, etc.
  • The team must have 6 people willing to be part of your chapter to start it. These members must be registered users of and have a minimum of 50 posts.
    • Subsequent members are also required 50 posts.
  1. The team's name will not be offensive, nor will it promote illegal activity (I.E. Street Racerz X).
  2. All teams are sub-chapters of These teams are required to follow the rules set forth by
  3. Upon establishment of the team, it will be required to raise $150 for a team banner. The banner will display both the team name (and logo, if applicable) as well as the EvoXForums logo. (NOTE: Extra shipping charges may apply. In this event, the team will be contacted and the fees are the responsibility of the team.)
  4. Each member will be required to pay a membership fee of $20. This will get that member the required swag needed for the local team. This is not included within the initial fee of $150.
  5. Each team will be given a Dedicated Sub-Forum (accessible by all teams and team members)
  6. Team name/logo may be added to your swag. Please contact our forum store prior to the order to make arrangements. Extra costs may apply.
  7. Upon establishment of the team and receipt of the forum swag, the team will be required to have a meet within 60 days of delivery of the swag displaying the forum banner with a group of the team members at a meet or event.
  8. The team will be required to have at least 4 meets or events every year, however 6 or more is highly encouraged.
    1. A thread with pictures and discussion of said meet will need to be posted in the team's subforum.
  9. will fully sponsor one team event per year. This will be decided by an Annual Team Contest.
    1. A team will not be eligible to win sponsored events in consecutive years.
    2. Receipts are required after the event.
  10. The team will be allowed to have 1 Team President and 1 Team Vice President for your team and sub-forum. These two persons will get custom name badging and their forum name color changed to gold.
    1. Outside of the forum, you may delegate more positions as needed.
  11. Every year on the anniversary of your teams establishment, there will be an anonymous vote for the teams president and vice president.
    1. A Moderator that is not in the team will run the vote.
    2. President and Vice President of each team will not be made official until approved by the staff. In the event that either of them are not approved by the staff, a new poll will be conducted.
  12. The team will not be hosted on another site or forum. The teams are designed to be extensions of
    1. If a team decides to terminate with due to other hosting desires, the team's subforums will be removed.
    2. If a team is found to be hosted at another site or forum, the Staff reserves the right to terminate the team's membership as an Team.
  13. All rules are subject to changes and updates.

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To apply for a local team, please send a PM to InfantryMP titled "Local Team Application" that contains the following:
  1. Team President name and forum handle
    1. Team President's Address and Phone Number
    2. Vice President's Address and Phone Number
  2. Team Vice President name and forum name
  3. All other team members forum names (minimum 6)
  4. Desired Team Name
  5. Mission Statement
  6. Desired shirt sizes of each applicant (please specify an alternate size as well)
  7. Team's local area coverage (I.E. SoCal, Boise, Utah, etc.)
  8. You must have 1 meet up prior to application. You must take a photo of the meet with the 6+ members that are going to be in the team.
    1. This photo will be submitted with the application.
    2. This photo must include the actual members, not just the cars. The photo must be clear enough so that we can visually identify the members, and you are required to indicate which faces belong to which forum usernames. Bonus points for those that have the picture of the members in front of their cars! Note: Photos which are dark, blurry, incomplete or otherwise unclear will not be accepted.
Please note that you are required to be ready to pay the initial fees upon establishment.

Changing roster of an established team:

  • To add a member to your team, the president or vice president must PM an administrator of this site requesting the addition. Also, a photo of the new member is required.
  • To remove a member to your team, the president or vice president must PM an administrator of this site requesting the removal and an explanation.

Questions and/or concerns can be forwarded directly to
InfantryMP or any of the senior staff members.

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Benefits of an local team:

  • Your own subforum.
  • Sanctioned sponsored club.
  • Official swag (including shirts, decals, a banner with your team name on it, etc).
  • Subsidies from (ie, we supplement part of the costs).
  • The opportunity to have a big team meet paid for and sponsored by this forum.
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