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exhaust help? sports cat

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I have an evo x fq330 sst. It's a UK model. Basically what came with it is

Ecutek Remap to 329 bhp / 322 Ftlbs at 3,500 rpm
HKS Decatted downpipe
HKS Racing suction pipe (alloy pipe from MAF to compressor cover)
HKS Intercooler hardpipe kit
HKS Race Cat
HKS Catback exhaust

Anyway. I just got the Greddy TIC cat back i bought fitted to it. I was wondering what sport cats and down pipes people are running to make it a full 3 inch system as i think my hks system is 2.5. I want to make more power while still keeping a cat. The Greddy TIC seems to taper too. Has anyone cut fabricated the exhaust to make it full 3 inch? is there a reason it tapers? I'm looking for a decent high flow sports cat that isnt too expencive.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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