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Exhaust narrowed down...

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What's up guys!

I have been modding cars for a long time, but this time I want advice.

Narrowed it down to Invidia N1 or Greddy Ti-c

I've already owned a Ti-c on the Z, and liked it because the silencer was a foot long and really quited things down if need by (grumpy neighbors).

The N1 has a small one right?

The N1 is significantly cheaper, but I love Invidias sounds. Is there any real reason not to go with the Invidia over Greddy? Is Greddy just a name at this point? They both look exactly the same except for the silencer. I'm getting a killer deal on the Invidia, just want to know people's firsthand experience with them, as that's one of the exhausts I have never put on one of my cars.



Is this legit?

What size of bulbs/power output would be good?
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Thanks guys, I think I'll get Invidia since I don't want one that bottlenecks, and I already owned a Greddy. Thanks for the input!
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