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Exhaust that wont get me into cop trouble around nh and mass.

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In the market to buy my AMS DP and TP, but what i wanted to know is which exhausts are other evo x owners running that's not getting them pulled over? I know there's plenty of other threads of loud exhausts on the forums but i wanted to know what the locals have to say.
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T1R, ETS quiet, Perrin, etc..
Haven't heard of any local guys getting in trouble over exhaust and there are some loud ones (e.g. tomei, ultimate racing). Ultimate Racing is the loudest I've heard so far. Check out NEEVO when you get 50 posts, we have a couple guys up your way. Also gotta plug our local shop Kaizen Tuning!
I'd love to get into NEEVO but not a big forum guy (hate dealing with the a-holes). Thanks for the help man
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Isnt the ets v2 a very loud exhaust?
Yah I saw that was confused /wondering. The cobb quad tip is hands down the best low key exhaust out there. Quite in side, mean outside.
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