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F/S: Apple Bluetooth Keyboard

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Only used about one month. Takes 2xAA batteries and lasts quite a while. Pairs instantly and you can use it on PC as well, really, really nice keyboard.

$55 shipped to lower 48 states.

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Still up for grabs? Can I lowball you?
Still up for grabs, no rush, just sitting in the corner. Make an offer!
You make me an offer
47 shipped for a fellow mod. :D
How dare you tempt me to try and spend more money.......
Missed it by *this* much. Pending sale to a local. :)
What if I Paypal you right now? Is that considered a cockblock?
Haha, your cockblock was pre-emptively cockblocked by a paypal. Sorry dude.

Ps - sold
I'm confused. Did I buy the keyboard or something dirty? Not into chickens.
While technically still a chicken it's more specifically a rooster. But, yes. ^_^
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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