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it seems i have bought a lemon. today, the factory radio buttons stopped working (mostly) i have the non nav radio. the cd player has already broke twice before so i gave up on fixing it.
The last time i changed a station was this afternoon, i switched from pop music to the station i broadcast my ipod on so i could focus on driving. (a nice sunday drive with a 'busa, 997, and 330). when i got back into town i tried to switch back to the pop station. however the buttons do not appear to be working. occasionally one will work when i rapidly mash it very hard. i reset the car (unplugged battery) to no avail. tomorrow i will pull it apart and see if its something loose. in the meantime i'm open to ideas.
you probably think that something happened on the drive so i will give you some info. max speed 135, i only unloaded the suspension once (at 125 and im pretty sure i didnt leave the ground). lots of high g corners and sweeping elevation changes, mixed tarmac and asphalt surface. i think maybe something came loose somewhere in there
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