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click image above for high-res gallery from this FCA drive

Life in Southern California isn't always sunny and bright. Take last month for instance. When we woke up hoping to tag along on a Ferrari Club of America drive known as the Ortega Run, we were disheartened by the sight of pouring rain. We have learned from past experience that these guys and gals are a lot less likely to drive their prancing ponies when the ground is damp. It's not so much that the cars can't handle it, as it is the work involved. For the owners, the thought of cleaning and drying the cars when they get home starts to make that weekend drive more a labor of love than they had hoped. So when we arrived at the designated meeting point, we were pleasantly surprised at the turnout. It was definitely smaller than last year's 80+ Ferraris, but how can we complain about the twenty or so f-cars that did make it out?

Follow the jump for more about our wet Sunday drive and click on the links below to check out all of the pics in our high-res gallery.

Gallery: Ferrari Club of America Ortega Run '08

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