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Few shots of our Evo X... Enjoy!!!

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THought of sharing some pics, we finally found some time to get it done before it snows!!


First my Octane Blue.....

Second my Buddy's Rally Red.....

Thanks to Mr. D. Bartolo for taking these amazing shots!!
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Looking forward to see you, Jeff and others at the meet!!! Nice cars buddy.
The EVO 9 spoiler looks Great on the Red Evo!
Wow, great cars and nice photos!
what kind of camera did you guys used?
love the moving shots not sure how i feel about the wing though i think i would have to see it in person.
This thread is over 2 years old, that blue car doesn't look remotely the same now
how do you attach the "evo" badge on the front?
41 - 53 of 53 Posts
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