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First drives of 2008 Pontiac G8 GT published early

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Click above for high-res gallery from first drive of the 2008 Pontiac G8 GT

We don't know how it happened or who started it, but some automotive news outlets have published their first drive reviews of the 2008 Pontiac G8 GT before the imposed embargo by GM. Since we don't have one of our own (yet), we'll be sending you to a non-guilty party with a great review of Pontiac's new rear-wheel-drive performance sedan. Popular Mechanics had a chance to drive the G8 GT in Malibu, and we're not surprised that they were extremely impressed. Aside from the crazy fast performance numbers that come courtesy of the car's 6.0L V8 producing 361 horsepower, PM claims it's the steering and handling of the G8 GT that leaves the biggest positive impression. When was the last time you heard that said about a large domestic sedan? Even the six-speed automatic was praised, though a rumor that a Corvette LS3-powered G8 GXP version will offer a six-speed manual is music to our ears. Much thanks to PM for allowing us to host some high-res photos of their drive with the G8 GT, some of which you won't find on their own review, but make sure to click over and read the first round of many platitudes this car is bound to receive.

[Source: Popular Mechanics]
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OOO this excites me...despite my love for the EVO X This is the only other vehicle that could steal the mitsubishi sale.
This car looks freaken intense. It handles really well for a 4000 pound car.
Looks good i was contemplating between this and EVO MR, just don't like that front grill, the plastic looks so cheap.
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