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Have you ever wanted to get paid for test driving brand new, hot cars? Yeah, us too! And it's a mystery to us how some bloggers and magazine writers are allowed to do so. Seriously. Who in their right mind thought it was a good idea to give Alex keys to a brand new Bentley?

But, apparently, anyone can become an automotive journalist for the low, low price of only $19.95! David Bellm has written a book, "How to Become a Car Magazine Test Driver," in which, according to his Web site, he divulges all the secrets of how to become a test driver. We assume he does not, however, give out the secret Test Driver Handshake, because rule No. 1 is, "We don't talk about the secret Test Driver Handshake."

We recommend if you really want to get paid to write for a car magazine that you do it very quickly. Since it looks like the "paid" part may soon get much less common.

Not having actually seen the book, we can't say if it's worth your money, or even if Bellm has the proper credentials to right such a how-to guide. But we can go on for hours about how glamorous the life of a Test Driver is. Some of us are lucky to drive exciting new cars like BMW's 335i (Dan Roth), or the Saleen S302 Extreme (Drew Phillips), the Jaguar XKR (John Neff), or the Dodge Caravan (me), Suzuki SX4 (me), and the Kia Rondo (me, again). Hmmm. Something is definitely not right here. How much was that book again?

[Source: Autiv]
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