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Say "Italian-styled Cadillac" and any car person will shoot back "Allante." It does appear, though, that Zagato executed coachwork on top of a fourth-generation Eldorado before Cadillac ever thought of shipping its wares to and from Pininfarina. This Eldo looks a lot like a Ferrari, and there's a reason for that, according to the seller. The bodywork on this car was reportedly designed by Luigi Chinetti, Ferrari racer and the first Ferrari agent in the United States. Chinetti went on to found the North American Racing Team, also an official Ferrari venture, and that might explain why this car has NART prominently displayed on its nose.

The NART badging is the only thing this custom Caddy shares with the Ferraris under Mr. Chinetti's umbrella, though. The success of his Prancing Horse franchise is likely why this prototype, which was displayed at the Turin and New York auto shows in 1971, never went anywhere. Currently, the car is in Brussels Belgium, and potential buyers are invited to make offers. If the provenance holds up, we doubt it'll be a small selling price. At least you'll get 1970's Italian style with the inexpensive upkeep of 1970's American running gear.

Gallery: Zagato Eldorado

[Source: Hemmings]

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