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FoMoCo has decided to provide Ford enthusiasts of all stripes a single website to cater to their performance needs, lusts and communities. will feature updates on the participating Ford clubs and forums that obsess over anything with a Blue Oval, give people a heads-up on events, upcoming products and sneak peaks at the next-generation Mustang. In addition to information about current and planned products, the site will also feature historical facts on models and sub-brands that have defined Ford's racing pedigree over the last several decades. The Ford Performance Info Center will even put you into contact with Ford staff to organize meet-ups and referrals, plus providing all the pertinent information on how you can get that SVT Contour up to snuff.

While the site's focus has a decidedly Mustang flavor so far, more diversity is bound to find its way online, and we're sure a Taurus SHO page is in the works to sate John's insufferable appetite for Yamaha-sourced V8s.

Ford's press release is posted after the jump.Continue reading Ford launches new performance site for enthusiasts

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