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We recently had the pleasure to work on another exciting GT-R project. Although this GT-R previously made very good numbers, the owner decided it was time for the next step. For this round, a set of HKS GT800 turbos, larger intakes, FMIC, and intercooler piping were added to the current list of power adders. After a few quick days of installation, it was time for Sharif to work his magic. The end result was 705 whp on E85 on our Dyno Dynamics. These are the highest numbers we have recorded on the factory internals on a GT-R. This customer's goals were a bit more aggressive than what we usually see, so it was pushed a little further. As you can see the torque is still kept to a nice, safe level. We are currently at the limits of the ID1000cc injectors and twin Deatschwerks 300 pumps, so we will be installing a complete fuel system, new rails, and larger injectors this week to accommodate the E85. Before anyone asks, a built motor and transmission are in the very near future. The modification list and pictures are below.

• HKS GT800 Turbo Kit
• HKS Resonated Midpipe
• HKS M45 Spark Plugs
• HKS SSQV BOV's (with purple inserts)
• GTC 102mm Catback Exhaust
• AMS Alpha Induction Kit
• Deatschwerks 300lph fuel pumps
• ID1000cc Injectors
• Cobb AP
• Forged Performance Custom ECU Calibration

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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