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We've been cranking out a whole slew of project cars over the past several weeks and next up is this beautiful Evo X, featuring a CBRD BBX turbocharger and supporting mods. The owner is a motorsports enthusiast that enjoys the occasional HPDE track event at Road Atlanta and wanted to make more power while still keeping OEM-like spool characteristics and crisp throttle and midrange response. To meet these objectives, we went with the tried and tested CBRD BBX Lite mated to their high quality equal length turbo manifold. This combination allows this Evo X to pump out some additional top end power allowing the car to travel down Road Atlanta's back straight with greater speed. Even with the additional horsepower the car still hits full boost almost instantly and holds consistent boost all the way to it's 7800 RPM redline. With gobs of torque, a vast improvement in the horsepower department, and the better than OEM driveability that comes with every Forged Performance Custom ECU Calibration, this car is sure to make its owner giggle with excitement and joy. As an added bonus, Sharif also crafted a Road Race Calibration which is best suited for achieving consistent fast laps at the road course. With the 2012 tracking season just getting cranked up, I am more than certain you will see this beautiful Evo X being put to work on many circuits across the Southeast.

Full mod list and dyno numbers are included in the following video:

Forged Performance: CBRD BBX Equipped Evo X Dyno Video

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