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Forged Performance: CHIN Motorsports Road Atlanta 3/12/12

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The majority of the Forged Performance staff spent Monday in their office plugging away at the mountain of emails and phone calls that we receive daily to assistant our customers while our technicians are wrenching on many of our on-going projects. For a small group of us which we consider the Forged Performance Motorsports Team, we started our week 60 miles North East at our home away from home; Road Atlanta! We were in attendance for the CHIN Motorsports Track Day and brought the Forged Performance GT3 along with a cartel of customers and their toys. Our corner of the paddock was fully stocked with some very impressive hardware including: GT3, Multiple GT-R's, Track Prepped 350Z and 370Z, Evo and STI. Regardless of the rumors of undesirable weather creeping into the area by mid-day, the attitude of the attendees was very upbeat. Despite the few mild showers that presented themselves, the track remained dry for the majority of the day and everyone was able to get some hot laps under their belts. The masses were able to push it to the limit and keep all four(well...sometimes three) tires on track. However, there were a few misadventures off course. Despite the unfortunate incidents, all drivers were able to leave Road Atlanta with their health in tact even if their ego's were slightly bruised. As always, this CHIN Motorsports Track Day was well organized by very friendly staff. We want to thank everyone for making yesterdays event another exciting day at the track!

For additional photos of this event please see the: FORGED PERFORMANCE BLOG

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looks crazy and amazing shots!
Chin is the shit! one of the BEST driving schools out there, hands down.
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