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This past racing season Sharif had the pleasure of meeting Bill, a local E92 M3 owner at Road Atlanta during a HPDE Event. Bill was thrashing his stunning M3 around the track and noticed the car could use some improvements in the OEM braking system. The E92 version of the M3 is equipped with a naturally aspirated, high-revving 4.0L V8 that produces more than enough power and the high tech OEM suspension is capable of carrying this generation ///M around the Nürburgring right over the 8 minute mark. Overall, it is a top-shelf motorcar that is perfectly at home cruising to work on a Monday morning or driving full tilt all weekend at a racetrack. Bill quickly learned while on the track, the weak point was his car's OEM single piston brakes. After speaking with Sharif track side, the decision was made for Bill to drop his car off to us before the 2012 tracking season started in order to resolve this issue.

Our plan was simple yet very effective; make sure the M3's brakes were finally up to par with the rest of the vehicle's high performance capabilities. We reached out to Stoptech to assist us in achieving our goal and they answered with their Big Brake Kit for the front and rear. The front is packing massive 15 inch rotors and 6 piston calipers while the rear is equipped with 14 inch rotors and 4 piston calipers. This combination of extensive surface area and fierce bite means this M3 will no longer have issues getting out-braked by the those pesky Porsches this season at Road Atlanta :). Bill plans to actively participate in HPDE events in 2012 and I am sure he will keep us updated on his progress and how well his M3 performs on track.

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