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Forged Performance: Feb 2012 Caffeine and Octane

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This past Sunday, Sharif and I met at Forged bright and early to attend this months Caffeine and Octane get together. Our 7am meet up was confronted with wet roads and light drizzles,\ but despite the less than perfect weather I climbed into the pilot seat of the Forged Performance GT-R racecar sans windows or interior, while Sharif was in control of our latest GT-R creation; a 957whp street driven monster. We were also joined by our friend in his modified Evo X and the three of us made the short drive to Caffeine and Octane's newest location in Alpharetta where we found some prime parking at the front of the main lot. We assumed the damp weather would keep the majority of enthusiasts from bringing their automobiles out but to our surprise the parking lot quickly filled with high caliber cars of every make and model. This reinforces our opinion that Caffeine and Octane is without a doubt Atlanta's premier supercar meet even in less than perfect weather. The Forged team of friends and customers fanned out, chit chatting about the latest happenstance related to automotive news. As usual, I donned my camera and went to work. I handed Sharif the D7000 and 70-200mm 2.8 and told him to practice being a Ninja ;)

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