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We recently completed a fully built and sleeved VR38 FP1-R 4.0L engine and FP Spec Stage 3 Transmission for a customer of ours. This particular GT-R owner resides in Puerto Rico and while shipping his car to us was not an option for him at this time, he did entrust our highly skilled technicians and staff to assist him in the build of his high power street car that will soon be roaming the roads of PR. The engine build started with our very own Forged Performance FP1-R 4.0L Shortblock that is assembled in-house utilizing a brand new OEM VR38 block casting. Next the OEM rods and pistons were replaced with Manley forged rods and our own Forged spec Arias Extreme Duty pistons. The block is precision machined to accept a new cast iron cylinder liner which insures this block is more than ready to handle power above and beyond the 1000whp mark. For the top end of this monster, the Forged Performance FP1-R Head Package was chosen which consists of fully ported and polished cylinder heads, assembled by our in-house experts. The heads utilize full Ferrea Valvetrain with oversized valves. Tomei 272/272 cams were chosen to replace the OEM 238/248 camshafts and have proven time and time again to produce impressive horsepower gains across the entire powerband. The owner will have this indisputable combination installed along with a Greddy Twin Turbo Kit. We have no doubt this GT-R will be rock solid and make enough power to take your breath away.

In order to put this type of power to the ground, the owner also wanted us to build a transmission for his GT-R. After having many in depth conversations, it was clear that our very own Forged Performance FP Spec Stage 3 Transmission was the perfect fit for this project. This build is just chock-full of Dodson Motorsports goodies and assembled in-house by our professional and experienced transmission builder. The following components are used in our FP Spec Stage 3:

• Sportsman Clutch Assembly
• Mechanical Circlip 1
• Mechanical Curclip 2
• Oil Pump Upgrade
• O-Ring Kit
• HD FWD Gearlock and Circlip
• Input Shaft Seal
• High Temperature and Strength Pan Filter Kit
• Transmission Filter
• Upgraded 1st Gear and Input Shaft
• Willall Racing Transmission Fluid

Stay tuned for updates when Sharif visits Puerto Rico to give this GT-R his magic touch via his very own Forged Performance Custom ECU Calibration. Here are some photos of the engine and transmission build process:

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